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Maria Alice Moniz Arruda

Maria Alice Moniz
Maria Alice Moniz was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on February 27, 1925. She is the legitimate daughter of Rufino Moniz and Maria Natalia Neto Moniz. She was the fifth child and second daughter of Rufino and Natalia Moniz. She was baptized at the Immaculate Conception Church on Earle Street in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 
As written by her daughter Carole: Mom grew up in New Bedford and lived in California for a short while when she was very young. She attended the New Bedford school system. She graduated from the Campbell Secretarial School in New Bedford. Instead of pursuing a career in secretarial work, she chose to work as a stitcher at the Colonial Textile Factory on Coggeshall Street and the Grinnell Pajama Factory on Nash Road. She claims the reason for working as a stitcher was because stitchers made much more money than secretaries did at the time. She also turned in her pay to her parents and got a $5.00 a week allowance. This appeared to be the custom at the time. Over the years, her friends at work claimed that she was quite the entertainer. She may have been a quiet lady at times, but she also joked around a lot and always kept them in “stitches”!
There are some childhood memories that Mom and her sisters recall. Having very strict parents they were quite sheltered. If they were playing outside in the yard and boys came in the yard, they had to go inside the house. In the summer time, when they wanted to go to the beach or the pool at Brooklawn Park, they had to wear pajamas, not bathing suits! When their parents weren’t around they would sometimes get the family ukuleles and sing and play them on the front porch for a gathering crowd. One memory that stands out is the 1938 Hurricane. Mom and her sister Gloria were going home to Davis Street from school. They were being blown all over the place from the fierce wind. They were jumping over wires, falling, and laughing and having a grand old time. Not knowing of course, the danger of this hurricane for which they had no warning. When they finally arrived at home, their parents were ready to evacuate to higher grounds with a wagon filled with food and clothing. Fortunately, the water didn’t quite reach their home.
Mom was considered to be the quiet one in the family but did have quite a sense of dry humor. She was extremely close to her mother. She is also credited with helping her mother obtain her citizenship papers. 
Mom met Dad, Joseph S. Arruda from Fall River, Massachusetts at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He was serving in the Navy at the time. They corresponded while he was in the service and she has kept these letters in her “Hope Chest “all these years. They married on June 7, 1947 at the Immaculate Conception Church which was across the street from where she lived on 129 Earle Street. They lived at 75 Hathaway Street in New Bedford for 12 years. My Aunt Judy and her husband John lived with them for a while because it was very difficult to get a place to live after the war was over. There was a housing shortage at that time. They then moved to 191 Cornell Street in New Bedford. Dad held several jobs during his life in New Bedford... He worked at Standard Electric, Walecka Moving Company, and Tavares Upholstering. He also worked in the New Bedford Fire Department as a District Chief before retiring. Dad passed away at the age of 66 in 1992. Mom never really got over her loss. They were so very close and devoted to each other. We all miss him very much.
They had a wonderful life together. They travelled with family and friends, going to Madeira and the Azores, cruises, and many different parts of the United States. They loved going out dancing and received many certificates for the different styles of dancing they had learned. They loved going to family and friend’s parties where there was so much fun and entertainment. Mom is best known for her imitation of Julia Child at these parties, demonstrating how to cook a chicken. She still claims that she taught Julia everything she knew! Besides dancing, travelling, and entertaining, Mom also loved doing art work, especially different types of drawing. She also loved playing cards, macramé, and doing various arts and crafts. She loved her dog, Sparky and Steve’s dog, Kirby and still talks about them today.
I have many fond memories of Mom besides travelling with her. Growing up, we had a summer cottage at West Island in Fairhaven, MA. Dad built this house himself with help of Mom of course. It was a very sturdy house, losing only two shingles during Hurricane Carol. Many of the homes on the island were blown and washed away. We use to bike ride all over the island. We picked blueberries and we made pie and special treats with them. We would ride our bikes to the beach and go quahogging and clamming. Dad would make stuffed quahogs and clam boils. There were many fun times there with friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles. My brother and I also have great memories of camping in NH and Peter’s Pond in Sandwich with our parents and other family members.
Mom has resided at 191 Cornell Street, New Bedford, MA since 1959. My brother, Steven Joseph Arruda, was born on September 11, 1958 in New Bedford, Ma. He lives with Mom now and he is a very dedicated and devoted son and caretaker. He is a barber at the Barber Connection in New Bedford, MA which he has owned for many years. He is very proud of his Niece Victoria and Nephew Andrew and quite loving and generous to them also.
I, Carole Anne Arruda Wallace was born on June 23, 1949 in New Bedford, MA. I graduated from SMU (now UMass Dartmouth) in 1971 and became a school teacher. I married Thomas Arthur Wallace in 1972. We lived in Westport, MA for six years and moved to Mattapoisett, MA where we still reside. Together we have two children. My first child is Andrew Joseph Wallace, born January 27, 1987. My second child is Victoria Alice Wallace, born on April 30, 1991.
Mom is 87 years old now and enjoys watching her TV programs and goes to Brandon Woods Day Care 4 days a week. She also enjoys visits from her devoted sisters, Gloria, Judy, and Vera, and her nieces and nephews. She is very loving, caring, generous, and proud of her children and grandchildren.
 We love you Ma!!! We love you Mimi!!!

Cousin Rosemary says: What can I say about my Aunty Alice??? She is my God-mother and I have known her my entire life. My memories are fond  and so sweet! Cousin Carole and I were always together as children. She was the only child for nine years so I was usually invited to sleep over and keep her company. These times were so special for me as I was the oldest of six and to stay with Aunty Alice and Uncle Joe, a mini vacation for me taken over many times! I loved the summers at West Island, many long hours at the beach and just being outside. 
I also remember all the Christmas gatherings with the entire family in attendance! Fun, great food and much laughter!
Aunty always made me laugh with her unique sense of humor. She once told me that birds liked to eat spaghetti because it  was thin and they could swallow it better! I never did put this theory to the test!
They made me feel so special and always had great goodies, such a real treat. Thanks for filling my childhood with such wonderful memories! For this I am eternally grateful! 

Joe & Alice
Wedding Day, June 7, 1947
Sister Gloria & Alice, right
Alice, Grandfather, Gloria
Godmother Alice holding me...Rosemary

Sisters, Gloria & Alice

Sisters...Judy, Alice & Vera
Joe & Alice
Alice with her Mom
Bathing Beauty Alice
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