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Rufino Nicolau Moniz

Rufino Nicolau Moniz... about 16 years of age...
Rufino Nicolau
Rufino Nicalou with a lady friend...
Just look at this guy!!! Hollywood eat your heart out! Handsome, debonair, ladies man, dashing, just a few words to describe this colorful soul. Rufino also had a pet monkey named Patsy, so one could add eccentric to the list of descriptive words that define him. He was always referred to as, Uncle Ralph. I met him several times. However I was very young, so my memories are vague. He lived three thousand miles away! Those that knew him well say that he had a heart of gold to a fault and was always kind to his nieces and nephews. He was a rabble-rouser and stood up for what he believed in. According to cousin Anibal, Uncle Ralph's nickname was "Cop Souza" in the New Bedford, MA area. Some of his antics were not always carried out in a positive way and he would occasionally partake in some liquid cheer!

His nephew Hank writes; "Never having children of his own, he became like a second father to us. He was generous to a fault. I could take his car anytime I wanted it. I started driving at the age of 13 and took his car for a spin on many occasions. We all drove at a very early age because we lived in the small village of Tormey  - - private property belonging to the American Smelting and Refining Company - - hence no license required. We all miss him very much." 
Hank also writes: "My brother Monte picked up many of Uncle Ralph's traits, much to my father’s dismay.  Monte and Uncle Ralph made the rounds to many of the local pubs and always had a rip roaring time. Uncle Ralph was like a little bandy rooster, always ready to punch someone if they looked cross eyed at him. Monte also picked up Uncle 
Ralph’s generosity when it came to his family, especially his nephews and nieces. Monte treated my children exactly like Uncle Ralph treated us. We spent more time with him than any of my other Uncles because my mother would  fix his dinner every night and we would all eat together. He liked the ladies and had several girlfriends. I remember on one occasion ( I was 4 or 5) we went for a ride and he stopped the car to talk with a lady. He was so engrossed in conversation that he did not notice that I had pushed his cigarette lighter in and held it in. The smoke that soon started coming from under the dash brought an abrupt end to his flirting. It was a great loss to our family when he passed. He was like a second father to me, and I still miss him a lot." 

My mom says that he was very handsome and had a different lady for every night of the week. Uncle Ralph never married and has no known children.
Rufino Nicolau was the fourth child and first son of Rufino Moniz Junior and Maria do Rosairo. In some European families the birth of a first son is equated to the second coming of you know WHO! After three daughters I am sure this was the case! 
I have searched many databases on the web and cannot find any records to support a date in which he arrived in America. He was not on the ship's manifest in 1920 or any other manifest that I could find. No where is he mentioned in the documents of immigration that grandfather had petitioned. He was definitely here in the 1920's as he went to California with his brother's and sister sometime later in that decade. I do have a theory that will be discussed at a later time. Records that I do have state that he was born on December 6,1905 and would pass at the age of 82 in July of 1987. 
He became a US Citizen at the age of 47, September 21,1953. His residence at the time of his death was; 94525 Crockett, Contra Costa, California. Uncle Ralph worked on his sister Mary Vera's dairy farm and later in the sugar cane industry for most of his adult life.

New information: I visited Ellis Island, New York very recently in July. I met with a historian named Barry Moreno, upstairs in the third floor library. I asked him how to go about finding out how Rufino came to this country. I explained my theory that he was probably substituted for Henrique on the initial 1920 journey with grandfather. "Records were not kept like they are today," he said. The United States did not require passports like they do today. The government of Portugal required anyone leaving Portugal to have a passport as there was a mass migration out of that country at that time. He asked if Rufino had become a citizen of the United States. "He was," I said. "Then he would have had to file for Naturalization Papers and file a petition," he said. This document would require information on initial entry into this country. I already had his citizenship document number found on I was to contact with this info and ask for the petition documents. I found the appropriate contact and for a fee they would send me the information. 
My excitement heightened when I learned that my theory was correct. Ralph was indeed substituted for Henrique who came here in October of 1920. Why this exchange happened we will probably never know. But it explains why Henrique was listed twice, once in April on the Black Arrow and then in October on the Roma. Ralph's entry was nowhere to be found. 
The Naturalization Petition Document reads: filed in the district court of the United States at San Francisco. He came to this country, April 2 1920 on the SS Black Arrow and that he had lived in California since 1932. He was 47 at the time of petition. The petition was witnessed by Frances Moniz and Joe Pallotta Jr., his sister-in-law (Henrique's wife) and her brother. It was signed by T. L. Baldwin, Deputy Clerk. 
A bit of the mystery solved and goodness what a journey. Thanks to Barry Moreno at the Ellis Island Foundation for the time he spent with me. He is a man of great knowledge who truly enjoys his job. Our meeting lasted for about twenty five minutes while grandpa and my grand-daughters waited patiently. 

Comment by Cousin Hank: "I thought my dad came over with one of his sisters. I know he did not come over with Uncle Ralph as you have discovered. 

I’m not even sure what year my father left New Bedford to come to California, at my Aunt Mary’s request. I know he was a ranch hand and milk truck delivery guy shortly after arriving here. I don’t think my Uncle Ralph came with him, but came a little later. I can’t imagine my Uncle Ralph as a ranch hand, a truck driver yes, but ranch hand no. 
At time of his naturalization, both he and my dad worked at the American Smelting and Refinery Co. where my dad worked as a fork lift driver and my uncle as a truck driver. The company made bullets during the war and also refined other precious metals such as gold and silver. One of my dad’s friends was involved in a gold robbery at the company and got caught."

He was a colorful thread that added interesting texture to the tapestry of our family's history!
Rufino Nicolau center, along with two friends 

Henry and Ralph enjoying a day at the beach...

Once again if anyone has a memory to add please let me know!

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Caroline Moniz

Caroline Moniz 
Caroline was the third child and third daughter of Rufino Moniz Junior (grandfather) and Maria do Rosairo. Caroline's maternal grandparents were, Jose Monteiro Joaquim and Augusta of the Rosary. Her paternal granparents were Rufino Moniz Senior and Maria de Freitas. She was born in the parish of Santa Luzia, on July 13, 1903, and baptized on 8/23/1903. 
Caroline would migrate to America many years later in 1962. She was left in the care of her doting godmother Maria, who was grandfather's sister. Maria never had any children of her own and simply could not let Caroline go to America in 1920 with the rest of her family. Caroline would spend her early years in Santa Cruz, Madeira while pursuing her education. She became a teacher. She was awarded the Medal of Public Education by the Portuguese Government on June 10, 1981. 
Caroline has one son, Anibal Tristao Moniz, born on June 16, 1945. His twin sister would pass at birth. 
Anibal would follow his mother to America in April of 1963. Both lived with my parents until proper housing was found for them. A bit crowed, however, interesting! There were 10 of us in a three bedroom two bath house! I remember that Aunt Caroline loved embroidery. She would sit for many hours enjoying her craft. She was a robust woman. Her light brown hair was always neatly fashioned into a bun. She had the whitest and most beautiful skin, accompanied by the rosiest cheeks that I ever saw.
Anibal, her son, married Gabriella. They have one son, John Moniz.
John recently married Erin Bancroft Gordon. Together they have Caroline's great-grandaughter, Sophia Caroline, just a few months old. 
Caroline would pass on July 18, 1988, at the age of 85. 
Her son, Anibal and his family reside in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 
More information on Caroline coming soon. If anyone has a story or interesting facts to share please let me know!

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Maria Gloria Moniz

Maria Gloria Moniz
 In this document, and noted that in the book of baptisms in the year 1902 this parish, in that church of Savion, was baptized Mary, who was born in that parish at 3:30AM, day of 12/27/1902, daughter. Legitimizes that Rufino Moniz Jr., civil guard (policer officer), and Maria do Rosario, domestic, parishioners and residents of Santa Cruz, at the site of Calada Sao Gil. Paternal granddaughter of Rufino Moniz Senior and Maria de Freitas and maternal granddaughter of Jose Joaquin Monteiro and Augusta of the Rosary. The godparents of the parish priest, Antonio Nicholas Fernandes and Augusta Paulina Garces. 
Maria Gloria Moniz, was 17 years of age at the time of the voyage to America. She was second born and second female. Above is the only known picture of her here in America. 
She would become violently ill during the crossing. Her step-mother, my grandmother, said that she had severe back pain and a very high fever. It sounded like some sort of massive infection. Some say that she had the dreaded influenza that had swept across Europe. This was not the era of antibiotics or sterilization. She never made it to America and would be buried at sea. I am sure there was no sanitary way to store a body aboard the ship back in those days.
The story goes that my grandfather was never informed of her passing. He looked frantically for her and was later told that she had been buried at sea. OMG!!!
 Can you only imagine the panic in his heart!!!??? The pain and sorrow of losing a child before he even stepped foot on shores of America. How very tragic for him and his family!
She is listed on the ship's manifest as able to read and write, a domestic and in good health. She had a light complexion, brown hair and brown eyes with no distinct marks of identification. She was 5"0" tall. It is also stated that she was not a polygamist and had less than $50.00 in her possession. Documents were signed, stating that she had no criminal record. 
I weep for her loss and the pain that my grandfather had to endure!
Please and once again if anyone has any information about Maria Gloria, please share!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maria Vera Moniz Macedo

Maria Vera Moniz Macedo
Maria Vera, was the first child of grandfather and Maria do Rosairo. She was born at 16:00 in the year 1900 on 11/28. She was baptized Maria Vera, in the church of Savion, Santa Cruz, Madeira. Daughter of Rufino Moniz, and Maria do Rosario, domestic, natural and residents of Santa Cruz to the site of Calada of San Gil. She was the paternal grand-daughter of Rufino Moniz and Maria de Freitas, and maternal grand-daughter of Jose Monteiro Joaquim and Augusta of the Rosary. Angelo was godfather, Alvares de Freitas, widower, clerk of the Chamber of Santa Cruz, a resident in the village, and godmother Maria de Freitas, widow, domestic, resident of the site Calada Sao Gil. (I think this means that her paternal grandmother was also her god-mother and was a widow at that time.) 
Maria Vera made the voyage to America from Funchal, Madeira, on the Black Arrow in 1920. She is listed on the ship's manifest as a domestic at the age of 19. She was able to read and write, was in good health with no marks of identification. She was 5' 4",  with light complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. Documents were signed stating that she was single, with no criminal record. 
Maria Vera, would reside with her father and step-mother for several years in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sometime in the 1920's she would move cross country to California where she would marry twice, never having any children. 
Her husband's names were, Joseph Jardin and August Macedo. She owned a large farm in California which she would later sell.
Maria Vera, would pass in Alameda, California, at the age 79 on 3/28/1979. 
Cousin Hank, son of Henrique writes: 
"I knew Aunty Mary as “Aunty Mary from Oakland”. We always identified her in that manner because I also had an Aunty Mary from Crockett (my mom’s sister). We would enjoy our visits to Aunty Mary (from Oakland) as kids, but she was very fussy about her house. We were always told not to touch anything or track any dirt in the house. My dad often went to Oakland to help her in the garden, paint and other chores that she couldn’t do. She was a wonderful cook and we loved her marinated tuna, rice and other great Portuguese dishes. Her first husband, Joe Jardin, owned a dairy and when she married him she worked very hard. I’m not sure that it was an “arranged” marriage or not. My dad came to California to work on the dairy. He milked cows, rode horses, and delivered milk. My Uncle Ralph followed him to California later. It was during his milk deliveries that he met my mother and her family in the small village of Tormey. Aunty Mary from Oakland, hired Aunty Mary from Crockett to cook and do other chores at the dairy. My Aunty Mary from Crockett, became fluent in Portuguese, as did my mother. Aunty Mary (Oakland), became a widow soon after that when her husband Joe died at the age of 40. She remarried later to August Macedo and he died soon after in his mid 40’s from cancer. My Uncle Ralph (Rufino) had a pet monkey named Patsy. He would take the monkey everywhere and it usually caused quite a commotion wherever he went. He stayed at Aunty Mary’s house in Oakland for a while. Then moved to Tormey with my dad where they both shared a small cabin. My Aunty Mary from Crockett would tell me all about life at the dairy and how Aunty Mary from Oakland would protect her from all of the rowdy ranch hands. She also told me that she had a huge crush on Uncle Mario, who was working at the dairy for a while. She was devastated when he died at the young age of 21, in 1930. He is buried with my Uncle Ralph and Uncle Jordan’s first born daughter in the same grave. He died allegedly of lock jaw. Grandfather attended his funeral and my Aunty Mary from Crockett said he asked the funeral director to open the casket at the grave site one more time so he could see his son for the last time. Very tragic for the whole family. I visit their grave site often, as well as all  of my other relatives that are buried there. On a happier note, I have a photo, if I can find it, of my father and grandfather both on horseback at the dairy. Hope this adds a little bit to the chapter of our heritage." 
Thank you, thank you, for such wonderful memories! 
Uncle Ralph, riding a horse at Aunt Mary's dairy farm. The young man standing could be her husband but not sure!
 I met Maria Vera, at the age of eleven. My memory of her is vague. However, I do remember that she was very stern. Maybe that's because my parents put the fear of God in me and told me that I had to behave or else!!! Meeting older relatives was not something an eleven year old appreciates. If only I could have those precious moments back!!!
Maria Vera along with brother Jordan enjoying some leisure time!

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Maria do Rosario Moniz

Maria do Rosario Moniz
Maria do Rosario was the first wife of grand-father. She bore him seven children. She was the mother of, Maria Vera, Maria Gloria, Caroline, Ralph Nicolau, Henrique, Mario and Jordan. 
As written in a eight page letter by her son Henrique (5th child and second son) for his family: 
" My father married my mother the first part of 1899. They made their home in Funchal. My oldest sister was born in November of 1900. My youngest brother was born September 23, 1911. My mother would pass less than a month later on October 11, 1911."~Henrique Moniz~ 
It is said that Henrique remembered his mother fondly as a very kind woman. He was in his fifth year when she passed.
Not much is known about Maria do Rosario, other than the fact, that it was always said that she was quite beautiful. She is listed as a domestic on all certificates relating to her children. 
I recently found a birth certificate for Maria do Rosario by searching the Madeira Registry online. She was born 11/24/1879. This would have made her 19 years old at the time of her marriage to grandfather. Her parents are listed as, Jose Joaquim Monteiro and Augusta do Rosario. They are also listed as the grandparents of her children on their baptismal records.
More information is being gathered as I write. First cousin Jo-ann is in Madeira visiting cousins on my grandfather's side. Hopefully she will return with more information. In the meantime enjoy Maria's very sweet and beautiful face.

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Duarte Miguel Barcelos Mendon9a Caminho Novo do Galeao, ent. 32, n.O 18 Sao Roque

9020-101 Funchal

Madeira - Portugal

Funchal, 17 de Janeiro de 2006

Caro Sf. Anibal,

Como prometi, aqui the envio a documenta9ao existente no ficheiro do passaporte do seu avo Rufino Moniz. Ele teve de apresentar todos estes documentos no Governo Civil, em 1920, para poder emigrar com toda a sua familia, excepto com a sua mae, como voce sabe.

Seguidamente eu farei uma breve descri9ao de cada um dos documentos pela ordem em que eles se apresentam porque a maior parte dos originais estao escritos a mao e por vezes tornam-se dificeis de ler e compreender 0 que hi esta escrito:

l.a folha: Requerimento feito a agencia de passaportes a 12/211920 para obter 0 passaporte para 0 seu avo e restante familia. A esquerda, numa co luna, existe a descri9ao dos seus familiares (altura, rosto, cabelo, olhos, nariz, boca e complei9ao).

2.a folha: Documento redigidoa 211211920 por Antonio Filipe de Noronha, Comissario da Policia Civica do Funchal, autorizando 0 guarda civico nr. 36, Rufmo Moniz, a poder tirar passaporte para a America.

3.a folha: Certificado de baptismo do seu avo, obtido na igreja do Salvador, em Santa Cruz, a 4/2/1920. Nele e referido que no livro de registo de baptismos do ana de 1874, no assento n.o 41, se encontra 0 seguinte: 0 seu avo foi baptizado a 3 de Maio de 1874 naquela igreja. Ele nasceu as 07:00 do dia 29/311874, era 0 primeiro filho de Rufmo Moniz e de Maria de Freitas, trabalhadores,lnaturais de Santa Cruz e residentes a Ca19ada de Sao GiL Era neto paterno de Joao Moniz e de Basilia de Freitas e neto materno de Antonio Pereira e de Antonia de Freitas. 0 padrinho foi Filipe de Souza, casado, trabalhador e morador no mesmo sitio. A assinatura deste documento foi reconhecido num notario do Funchal a 12/211920.

4.a folha: Pedido de seu avo, datado de 4/2/1920 ao juiz de dire ito da comarca de Santa Cruz para the passar uma certidao do registo criminal. Exista a assinatura do seu avo nesta folha. Na parte de tras da folha existe a referida certidao, data do mesmo dia, dizendo que nada constava sobre ele. Ele foi ainda a um notario de Santa Cruz reconhecer a assinatura.

5.a folha: Certificado de nascimento da sua avo, redigido no Registo Civil do Funchal. Este documento diz que no livro do registo dos nascimentos do ano de 1889 na folha 8, nr. 3, consta 0 seguinte: a 20/111889, na igreja de Sao Pedro, Funchal, foi baptizada a Maria, que nasceu naquela freguesia as 0:15 do dia 24/1211888, filha legitima de Manoel Rodrigues Neto, trabalhador, e de Maria Isabel, domestica, ambos
Page TWO
naturais da freguesia e concelho de Sao Vicente, mas eram moradores no sitio da Ribeira de Sao Joao (no Funchal) e paroquianos da igreja de Sao Pedro. Era neta paterna de Jose Rodrigues Neto e Maximiana de Jesus. Era neta materna de Manuel Ferreira e Maria de Jesus. Os padrinhos foram Manuel Fernandes Camacho, comerciante, casado, e sua mulher, Maria Helena Camacho, moradores a Rua de Sao Joao. Este documento foi escrito a 101211920.

6.a folha: Requerimento (assinado pela sua av6) pedindo a certidao do registo criminal, que foi escrito no verso a 6/2/1920. Neste documento a mae da sua av6 aparece com mais urn sobrenome do que no registo de baptismo - Maria Isabel de Jesus.

7.a folha: certificado de baptismo de Mari~.(filhade RufmoMoniz) redigido naigreja do Salvador, em Santa·Cruz a 4/2/1920 e reconhecido num notario do Funchal a 12/2/1920. Neste documento e referidQ .que no livrodos baptizados do ano de 1900 daquela freguesia, no registo 224, ,e┬Ácontra-se 0 seguinte: a 2/12/1900, naquela igreja, foi baptizada a Maria, que nasceu as 16:00 do dia 28/1111900, filha de Rufmo Moniz, guarda civil, e de Maria Rosa, domestica, naturais de Santa Cruz e residentes ao sitio da Cal9ada de Sao Gil. Era neta paterna de Rufmo Moniz e de Maria de Freitas, e neta materna de Jose Joquim Monteiro e de Augusta do Rosario. Foi padrinho Angelo Alvares de Freitas, viuvo, amanuense da Camara de Santa Cruz, morador na vila, e madrinha Maria de Freitas, viuva, domestica, moradora ao sitio da Cal9ada de Sao Gil.

8.a folha: Requerimento datado de 412/1920 (assinado pelo seu avo) requerendo a certidao do registo criminal de sua filha Maria Vera Moniz. No verso deste documento foi lavrada a respectiva certidao dizendo que nada constava sobre ela.

9.a folha: certificado de baptismo de Maria Gl6ria (filha de Rufmo Moniz) redigido na igreja do Salvador, em Santa Cruz, a 412/1920 e reconhecido num notario do Funchal a 12/2/1920. Neste documento e referido que no livro dos baptizados do ano de 1902 daquela freguesia, no registo nr. 62, se encontra 0 seguinte: a 9/311902, naquela igreja, foi baptizada a Maria, que nasceu naquela freguesia as 3:30 (da manha) do dia 2712/1902, filha. legitima de Rufmo Moniz Junior, guarda civil, e de Maria do Rosario, domestica,' paroquianos e residentes em Santa Cruz, no sitio da Cal9ada de Sao Gil, neta paterna de Rufmo Moniz Senior e de Maria de Freitas e neta materna de Jose Joaquim Monteiro e de Augusta do Rosario. as padrinhos foram.o padre da freguesia, Ant6nio Nicolau Fernandes e Augusta Paulina Garces, solteira, parteira, moradora ao sitio dabRochinha.

10.3 folha:Requerimento datado de 4/2/1920 (assinado pelo seu avo) requerendo a certidao do registo criminal de sua filha Maria da Gl6ria Moniz. No verso deste documento foi lavrada a respect iva certidao dizendo que nada constava sobre ela.


11.3 e 12.a folha: Certificado de nascimento do Henrique redigido a 10/211920 na Conservat6ria do Registo Civil do Funchal. Neste documento e referido que no livro do registo paroquial da igreja de Sao Pedro, no Funchal, relative aos nascimentos de 1907, se encontra no registo 147, na folha 75, 0 seguinte: a 26/5/1907, naquela igrej~ foi baptizado 0 Henrique, que nasceu na freguesia de Sao Pedro as 05:00 do dia 211411907, filho legitimo de Rufino Moniz, poHcia civil, natural de Santa Cruz, e de Maria do Rosario Moniz, domestica, natural da mesma freguesia de Santa Cruz,

Page THREE paroquianos de Sao Pedro e residentes a Rua daRibeira de Sao Joao. Era neto paterno de Rufino Moniz e de Maria de Freitas.,e materno de Jose Joaquim Monteiro e de Augusta do Rosario. 0 padrinho foi Henrique Tristao Betencourt da Camara, solteiro, empregado de comercio, morador em Santa Luzia, e madrinha Maria Bela de Noronha e Agrela, moradora em Sao Paulo, casada. (0 assento original de baptismo nao levou selo porque os pais do Henrique eram pobres)

13.a folha: Requerimento datado de 5/2/1920 (assinado pelo Henrique) requerendo a certidao do registo criminal dele proprio. No verso deste docurnento foi lavrada a respect iva certidao dizendo que nada constava sobre ele.

14.a folha: Certificado de nascimento do Mario redigido a 11/211920 na Conservatoria do Registo Civil do Funchal. Neste docurnento e referido que no livro do registo paroquial da igreja de Sao Pedro, no'Funchal, relativo aos'nascimentos de 1910, se encontra no registo 35, na folha: 18, 0 seguinte: a 2/2/1910, nesta igreja foi baptizado o Mario, que nasceu em Sao Pedro as 09:00 do dia 8/1111909, filho legitimo de Rufino Moniz, guarda civil, e de Maria do Rosario, domestic a, naturais da freguesia de Santa Cruz, paroquianos de Sao Pedro e moradores na Rua da Ribeira de Sao Joao. Era neto paterno de Rufmo Moniz e de Maria de Freitas e neto materno de Jose Joaquim Monteiro e de Augusta do Rosario. Foi padrinho Joao Isidoro de Araujo Figueira, casado, proprietario, morador na Calyada do Pico, e madrinha Maria Henriqueta, solteira, moradora no Pico dos Frias.

14.a e 15a folha: Certificado de nascimento do Joao redigido a 10/2/1920 na Conservatoria do Registo Civil do Funchal. Neste docurne~to e referido que no livro do registo paroquial da igreja de Sao Pedro, no Funchal, relativo aos nascimentos de 1919, se encontra no registo 164, na folha 83,0 seguinte: as 10 horas do dia 31/1/1919 nasceu na Rua do Dr. Vieira nr. 290, da freguesia de Sao Pedro, urn individuo do sexo masculino a quem foi posto 0 nome de Joao Pedro Moniz, filho legitimo de Rufino Moniz, guarda civico, de 44 anos de idade, natural de Santa Cruz, e de sua esposa Maria Natalia Moniz, domestica, de 29 anos de idade, natural de Sao Pedro, Funchal. Era neto paterno de Rufino Moniz e de Maria de Freitas Moniz e neto materno de Manuel Rodrigues Neto e de Maria de Jesus. Foram testemunhas deste registo, Luis Dias Sequeira (?), casado, cabo da policia civic a, e Abel Ascensao de Vasconcelos, casado, guarda civico, residentes a Rua do Comercio, na Se.

16.a folha: Esta contem as fotos dos seus familiares, tirada antes de eles irem para a America. Os passaportes deles, registados com os numeros 819, 820, 821, 822, 823 e 824 (se alguem ainda os tiver) contem as mesmas fotos.

Este ultimo documento (documento de fianya) foi redigido no dia em que foram passados oS-passaportes da sua familia, a 24 de Fevereiro de 1920.

Nesta folha esta escrito que nesta data foi a secretaria do Governo Civil do Funchal Rufmo Moniz, casado, ex-guarda civico nr. 36, de 45 anos, natural de Santa Cruz, residente na Rua do Dr. Vieira, no Funchal, filho de Rufmo Moniz e de Maria de Freitas Moniz, dec1arou que pretendendo obter passaporte para si e para a sua mulher, Maria Natalia Moniz e seus filhos, Maria, de 19 anos, Maria da Gloria, de, 17, Henrique, de 12, Mario, de 10, e Jooo, de 1 ano, para a America do Norte dava por seu fiador a Justiniano Martinho de Vasconcelos, casado, cabo de SeCyaO, morador na Rua do Pina freguesia de Santa Luzia ...

Page Four
Resumindo e concluindo, estes documentos estiveram desde 1920 e se calhar so viram a luz do dia agora, 86 anos depois, quando eu os pedi para tirar fotocopias para lhe enviar. 
com esta documentacao importante para si e para a sua familia, voce vai ficar a saber mais sobre os seus avos, bisavos e trisavos.
Um abraco deste seu amigo, Duarte Mendonca

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