Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maria do Rosario Moniz

Maria do Rosario Moniz
Maria do Rosario was the first wife of grand-father. She bore him seven children. She was the mother of, Maria Vera, Maria Gloria, Caroline, Ralph Nicolau, Henrique, Mario and Jordan. 
As written in a eight page letter by her son Henrique (5th child and second son) for his family: 
" My father married my mother the first part of 1899. They made their home in Funchal. My oldest sister was born in November of 1900. My youngest brother was born September 23, 1911. My mother would pass less than a month later on October 11, 1911."~Henrique Moniz~ 
It is said that Henrique remembered his mother fondly as a very kind woman. He was in his fifth year when she passed.
Not much is known about Maria do Rosario, other than the fact, that it was always said that she was quite beautiful. She is listed as a domestic on all certificates relating to her children. 
I recently found a birth certificate for Maria do Rosario by searching the Madeira Registry online. She was born 11/24/1879. This would have made her 19 years old at the time of her marriage to grandfather. Her parents are listed as, Jose Joaquim Monteiro and Augusta do Rosario. They are also listed as the grandparents of her children on their baptismal records.
More information is being gathered as I write. First cousin Jo-ann is in Madeira visiting cousins on my grandfather's side. Hopefully she will return with more information. In the meantime enjoy Maria's very sweet and beautiful face.
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