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Mario Moniz

Mario Moniz

In the parish of St. Peter in the year of 02/02/1910 was baptized Mario, who was born on St. Peter's Day, November 11, 1909, legitimate son of Rufino Moniz, civil guard and Maria do Rosairo, a domestic, natural 
of the parish of Santa Cruz, parishioners of St. Peter and street residents in the Ribeira de Sao Joao. He was the grandson of paternal Rufino Moniz and Maria de Freitas and maternal grandson of Jose Joaquin Monteiro and Augusta of the Rosary. Isidore was godfather John Figueira de Araujo, married, owner, resident in Calyada Pico, Henrietta Maria and godmother, single, resident of the Pico Frias. 

Mario arrived in America in April of 1920 at the age of 10 years, via The Black Arrow. He was the third son of Rufino and Maria del Rosairo.

Not much is known about this young man other than he moved to California in 1930 along with his brother Henrique. He worked on his sister Mary Vera's, dairy farm. He did have a girlfriend who was the sister of Henrique's wife Frances. Her name was Mary. Mario would pass in 1930 of possibly lockjaw (tetanus). 

His nephew Henry writes: "My Aunty Mary from Crockett would tell me all about life at the dairy and how Aunty Mary from Oakland would protect her from all of the rowdy ranch hands. She also told me that she had a huge crush on Uncle Mario, who was working at the dairy for a while. She was devastated when he died at the young age of 21, in 1930. He is buried with my Uncle Ralph and Uncle Jordan’s first born daughter in the same grave. He died allegedly of lockjaw. Grandfather attended his funeral and my Aunty Mary from Crockett said grandfather asked the funeral director to open the casket at the grave site one more time so he could see his son for the last time. Very tragic for the whole family. I visit their grave site often, as well as all  of my other relatives that are buried there. Hope this adds a little bit to the chapter of our heritage." 

How very sad and tragic indeed! More pain and sorrow for grandfather. He had now lost a son and a daughter, Maria Gloria. Mario looks like he was quite the character. look at him on the following page, far right. So sad for the entire family, I wish I could have gotten to know him. I have searched death records on for an exact date but with no luck. He is listed on several ship's manifests, however. I also believe he was in transition to California, as he is not listed in the 1930 census in New Bedford or California. It is fair to say that he died within months after his arrival to California, but not sure.

New information: I recently contacted the Alameda County Recorder's office, for a fee they would search all death records of cities and towns in Alameda County. Today I received information in the mail, Mario's official death record. 

It states that Mario passed on August 22, 1930, of Edema Glottis, (an edema caused by fluid accumulation in the soft tissues of the larynx. The condition, usually inflammatory, may result from an infection, injury, allergy, or inhalation of toxic substances.) 

The record further states that he passed at 12:20PM. There had been an operation and also an autopsy performed. There was no test that confirmed the diagnosis.  The certificate was signed by his brother-in-law, Joe Jardine of Rodeo, CA and Dr. John G. Sa....not legible. Providence Hospital in Oakland, CA was the place of his death, he was buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery on August 25, 1930 by Curry Funeral Parlor in Richmond, CA. He had lived in CA for three years prior to his death. He was 20 years, 9 months and 12 days old. 

I am choked up writing about this as tomorrow, August 22, 2012, will be the 82nd anniversary of his death! Further more there goes that 82 number again! Several uncles and grandfather passed at the age of 82. I will say a special prayer for you Uncle Mario, I so regret that I never got to know you! May you rest in peace! 

Cousin Hank writes: "It was interesting to see what he died from. My dad said he stepped on a rusty nail and it got infected. He is buried in the old part of the cemetery among  many graves with people who passed in their 30’s and 40’. I’m sure Uncle Mario could have been easily saved with the antibiotics that we have today. Very sad.
"I was always told he died of Lock Jaw, but his death left many unanswered questions.  My mother always thought that it was an accidental overdose of anesthesia from his doctor when he was on the operating table....." 

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