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Maria Gloria Moniz

Maria Gloria Moniz
 In this document, and noted that in the book of baptisms in the year 1902 this parish, in that church of Savion, was baptized Mary, who was born in that parish at 3:30AM, day of 12/27/1902, daughter. Legitimizes that Rufino Moniz Jr., civil guard (policer officer), and Maria do Rosario, domestic, parishioners and residents of Santa Cruz, at the site of Calada Sao Gil. Paternal granddaughter of Rufino Moniz Senior and Maria de Freitas and maternal granddaughter of Jose Joaquin Monteiro and Augusta of the Rosary. The godparents of the parish priest, Antonio Nicholas Fernandes and Augusta Paulina Garces. 
Maria Gloria Moniz, was 17 years of age at the time of the voyage to America. She was second born and second female. Above is the only known picture of her here in America. 
She would become violently ill during the crossing. Her step-mother, my grandmother, said that she had severe back pain and a very high fever. It sounded like some sort of massive infection. Some say that she had the dreaded influenza that had swept across Europe. This was not the era of antibiotics or sterilization. She never made it to America and would be buried at sea. I am sure there was no sanitary way to store a body aboard the ship back in those days.
The story goes that my grandfather was never informed of her passing. He looked frantically for her and was later told that she had been buried at sea. OMG!!!
 Can you only imagine the panic in his heart!!!??? The pain and sorrow of losing a child before he even stepped foot on shores of America. How very tragic for him and his family!
She is listed on the ship's manifest as able to read and write, a domestic and in good health. She had a light complexion, brown hair and brown eyes with no distinct marks of identification. She was 5"0" tall. It is also stated that she was not a polygamist and had less than $50.00 in her possession. Documents were signed, stating that she had no criminal record. 
I weep for her loss and the pain that my grandfather had to endure!
Please and once again if anyone has any information about Maria Gloria, please share!

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