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Maria Gloria Moniz Tavares!

Mom graduation photo Normandin Jr. High School, about 13 years old...

Maria Gloria Moniz, born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on December 01,1923. She is the legitimate daughter of Rufino Moniz and Maria Natalia Neto Moniz. She was baptized in Immaculate Conception Church, New Bedford, Massachusetts. She will be 90 years old in this year of 2013.  

Well folks here she is my mama! As I write this post she is 88 years of age. She was the fourth child and first daughter of Rufino Moniz with my grandmother Maria Natalia Neto Moniz, three more daughters would follow. 
She was the second Maria Gloria! The first was buried at sea in 1920 and was the daughter of grandfather and Maria do Rosairo, his first wife.

Mom grew up in New Bedford and would attend New Bedford Schools. She would not graduate from high school as it was the custom to pull one's child out of school at the age of sixteen at that time, sending them to work in the textile mills. She would work at the Colonial Textile in New Bedford, MA. She made the grand total of $22.00 a week and her pay was turned over to her father. She was given a small allowance. Times were tough and every penny counted. It was the era of the Great Depression.

Mom met my dad, Antone C. Tavares at the Colonial Textile, a pajama factory. They also worked at the Fiber Leather Company, making luggage, back in the late thirties. They would marry June 2, 1945 after World War II had ended. She wrote to my dad every day that he spent in the South Pacific for four years. Mom has until this day two very large scrapbooks of their correspondence  to each other. Such incredible devotion!

They lived in my dad's, mother's house for the first three years of their marraige. I, the oldest was born on June 3, 1948. Together they would have five more children. 
Mom would quit her full time job after my sister Barbara was born. She helped my dad start his upholstery business in 1952. She would do all the sewing for him. I remember younger siblings asleep in their carriage at his place of business as she sewed away! The business is still in existence. It bares the same name, Tavares Upholstering Company. It is owned and run by my youngest brother James, a master craftsman. 
You can read more here: True Craftsmanship
I became the big sister/babysitter early on.

She is a hoot in her old age and uses the Old Age Card to say what ever she wants and for the most part, that works. She can raise a few eyebrows! One could also add to her descriptive list of titles, Queen Mother of Manipulation and The Empress of Supreme Guilt! 

She can also be forgetful at times. At 88 I hope I can say the same. She takes only one medication by prescription, and loves her daily glass of wine. She would make my sisters and I clothes for our dolls without a pattern. I can remember her sewing little snaps on a red jacket for my Genie Doll! Mom and dad also made small wooden beds for our dolls! Oh how I wish I knew what happened to that little bed? It was blue and white! Gosh where did she find the time? You can read more about her antics here: Peace Out Mama!

She is a doll though and would never hurt a fly. She is dearly loved by all of her children and grandchildren. She lives alone in an apartment attached to my sister's single family home. She still cooks up a storm and is excellent at that task. I definitely did not inherit that gene. Her house sparkles and a meal is always ready to eat if anyone should stop by. A better mother I could not have. Love you mama!

Dad would pass at the age of 84 in 2003. Her courage would shine through during this difficult time. She speaks of him fondly and says that she has had a very good life. "He was so proud of all of us," she often says! 

I was born 6/3/1948, married 6/02/1968 to Wilfred N. Aubut, together we have two children, three grandchildren and one on the way. Our daughter Katherine Elizabeth, born 8/27/1969, married 11/28/1992 to Brian Michael Leavitt. Together they have three children, Michael James, 4/11/1996, Hannah Rose, 5/02/1999 and Sophia Katherine, 1/31/2002. 
Our son Christopher James was born 1/25/1974. He married Allicyn Cote on 9/16/2011. They have one son, Miles Stephen, 2/18/2013. 
My sister Barbara Jeanne was born on 11/28/1949 and is married to John Pettengill Davis. Together they have two children, Jenny Ann, 3/28/1982 and Jonathan Alden, 5/8/1984. 
Anthony Michael Tavares, my brother was born on 10/25/1954. He married Kathleen Bancroft on 8/27/1977. Together they have two children, Kevin, 11/4/1985 and Andrew, 8/22/1988. 
My sister Theresa Marie, was born in 4/26/1959. She is married to Paul Dawson and together they have four daughters and one grandchild. Jessica, 3/25/1983. Kristen, 12/18/1984 married 10/13/2007, to Russell Alphonse. They have two children, Charlotte Rose, 6/26/2011 and Benjamin 6/4/2013. Katelyn, 8/21/1988 and Jenna, 2/26/1996. 
My brother Ronald James Tavares born 7/17/1961. 
James Edward Tavares born 02/07/1963. Married to Julie Isaksen. Jim has three children, Joshua, 7/14/1990, Courtney, 7/28/1992 and Sadey, 1/2/1996. 

Cousin Joann writes: "I remember how wonderful my Aunt Gloria was to me especially when I was a child. I loved to go to her home because she had a large family and I loved all the activity that goes with having 6 children. Even though she had six children she always had time for me. My happiest childhood memories are because of my Aunt Gloria who took her role as Godmother very seriously. I spent many Saturdays at her house. She would give her children some money to go buy something at the store, she gave me money as well. She always treated me as if I was her own. She was medicine to my heart. There are many other stories I have but i'll never forget her warmth, kindness and generosity towards me. Thank you so much Aunt Gloria for your compassion, love, generosity and graciousness you have given to me over the years. Thank you for letting me share in your family and your home. You are a wonderful person and have been a positive influence to all who know you. You made a difference in my life. I must mention what a great cook you are. It was a delight to sit at your table. Thank you, Aunt Gloria!"
I think your mother was like our Grandmother! I do remember our Grandmother, (Maria Natalia Moniz). She passed when I was six. I remember her staying at my house for a short time. I would run from one side of her chair to the other and she would reach to where I was. It was a game. I knew she could not see well so I would move around and ask her if she knew where I was, which she did. At the time I didn't realize it was because of all the noise I made plus I don't think she was fully blind. She could probably see shadows or very blurry. I gave her a kiss on the cheek when I saw her and remember her having whiskers on her chin. She was never cross with me so I know she liked children. I recall her as pleasant, a child knows when an adult doesn't like them. I remember her funeral, I was so sick at it and I think Diane or Carole tried to help my mother by taking me out." 

Thanks for your inspiring comments Joann. It is amazing to me how much we can impact a child with small acts of kindness. 

Cousin Hank writes: "When I was working in Connecticut every weekend I got the chance I would come to New Bedford to visit my “back east” family. I remember the wonderful Sunday dinners your mother would cook with the entire family in attendance. It was great to see so many of the family at one place.  Your mom and dad always treated me so nice, as did all of my Aunts and Uncles. I have fond memories of all of my trips to New Bedford and surrounding areas. I was very fortunate to see them at a time when they were in good health." 

“We are the guardians of all that has passed. We keep the flames of memory alive for the nourishments of future generations...” ~P. Louis Bump Jr.~

Mom & Dad on their honeymoon, New York City, June 1945

Me & Mom...nice hairdo mom!!! I can just feel those Bobby Pins now!

Photo that my dad kept in his wallet! I'm wiping the tears away! 

A cute story! Mom's brother John had a large white dog named Prince, who he loved dearly! One day mom, around age eleven, decided to give Prince a bath as he had rolled around in something awful! Not getting him clean enough she decided to throw some bleach in the water, this turned the Prince bright yellow! What was she to do? "Bluing," she frantically thought, "I'll throw in a little bluing!" Well you guessed it, the dog was now a very nice shade of blue! She was scared but she and her sisters thought it funny and hid under the bed!
John came home, saw the dog and she says, he had a fit. He found the girls and chased them around the house. Blue dog joined in the chase.... 
Somehow the dog survived, so did mom and her little sisters too!


Marilyn said...

Rosemary, I love reading about your family. So many old photos of my family have been lost. These photos appear to be in great condition.

geetlee said...

Your mama is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her lovely story :) I love that she is in great health and loves a glass of wine :) I wish I can be like that when I am her age

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a wonderful way of recording your family history.

Tito Eric said...

I took in my mom and have her live with me when she was 70 until she passed away at age 90. She had a wonderful life like your mom, and she was never a bother. She died at peace and in good health almost 3 years ago. I miss her to this day.

vicki said...

Rosemary- I think I've told you this before-- your family history blog is amazing. Your Mom was beautiful as a young woman-- I'm sure she is just as lovely now. Someday you should consider turning your blog into a book-- it would be amazing!

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